Join us

  • Postdoctoral Job Opening

We have postdoc job positions available, please check the following links for more information. 

​​We welcome motivated graduate students at UCLA to join the group. Please email us to set up a meeting if you want to know what opportunities we have for students. 

If you have strong interest in joining our group while not at UCLA, please apply for UCLA physics program to become our graduate students, see information at the graduate admissions page. Please make sure to choose the field as "Theoretical Nuclear Physics" in your application form, which is our group identification in the department even though we are working on QCD that spans over both nuclear and particle physics. This is very important in order for us to consider you as a candidate for our group in the admission process and properly review your application.  

  • Undergraduate students within UCLA Physics and Astronomy

​​We have very limited positions for undergraduate students to perform research with us. Please keep in mind the following before you send us your CV for consideration: 

  1. We are doing theoretical work in fundamental nuclear and particle physics. We are not doing experimental work, and our research also has nothing to do with nuclear energy.
  2. It is highly desired that you have a basic knowledge of elementary particle physics and have a good knowledge of computer programming.
  3. It is highly desired that you have a high GPA (3.7+) and you are extremely self-motivated. 

Contact us for details.